Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Movie Marathon

A few weeks ago, in this post, I was mentioning how after reading The Film Club by David Gilmour I have a long list of movies that I want to watch. I requested a bunch of titles from the library and so far four of them have come it! Love the library!

Here's my lineup: The Late Show, A Hard Day's Night, Mean Streets, Quiz Show

Last night I decided to give A Hard Day's Night a whirl. Well... that movie is just plain weird! I didn't really understand the whole grandfather on the train storyline, but the parts with music were good! M is not a fan of The Beatles, but I was still shocked to find out he didn't know most of the songs that were being played. I truly thought everyone knew The Beatles. He says he grew up listening to Deep Purple and Tears for Fears, so I guess we're just different in that way.

Long ago, I remember my mom telling me how she went to see this movie when she was a young girl and everyone was screaming at the screen. I had to call her up tonight to get some more details. We had a funny conversation, because I just don't get how people went so crazy - I think it's hilarious and wish I was alive to have seen it!! She says her fave was George because he was the handsome, shy type. But Paul was okay too. Ah, my mom's so cute.

Hey mom, look, they captured you on film!
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  1. I loved "A Hard Day's Night"... I remember going to the movie theatre in Sarnia with my aunt and hardly being able to contain myself from screaming when the Beatles were on the screen... .oh to be young again!!!

  2. My problem with movies is that 10 minutes is that 98% of them are completely forgettable but I do think I recall enjoying Quiz Show, largely cause I do enjoy Ralph Feinnes.

    I was 8 during the British invasion so I truly didn't pay attention. But my mom loved George.

    But given what all 4 of them did with their solo careers, I'd say that if he'd lived I would have preferred John.

    Guess now you know why M has no appreciation for the Beatles eh - he truly wasn't exposed to them.

  3. I don;t know what I am doing wrong ..can;t get my comment to take . I really enjoy your blogs .

  4. There I did it finally hurray !!!