Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Noes!

My after school snack started out well.

Then disaster struck!

Oh dear me.

Goodbye blender.

She has been leaking for the past year. Today she jiggled herself free. That's what you get for buying the cheapest one I guess! Not good, not good at all. Anybody have a blender model to recommend?


  1. What the heck were you making... it looks like broccoli or something in the blender... no wonder it leaked... ha ha... There are lots of good blenders out there.... maybe you should research it on the internet.... or on Consumer Reports....

  2. Oh that is the WORST! I hate when messes like this happen through no fault of my own. I have the cuisinart blender/food processer, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you think you will really use it :)

  3. Mom, you will just have to wait and see what that yummy looking snack was going to be!

    As soon as I buy another blender!

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