Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dangers of Floor Hockey

Last night was my last floor hockey game of the season before playoffs start. It was rough, let me tell you!

1) No subs, so I had to play the entire game. Very tiring.
2) Got hit square in the face with the ball.
3) Bloody nose.
4) Swollen lip.
5) Slap shot to the crotch.
6) Another one to the knee.
7) Tripped over air and twisted my ankle.

I think that's it. Oh, and we lost by one to the worst team in the league.

What a night!

As a side note, when I got home I looked in the mirror to see the damage. Why didn't anyone tell me I had blood all over my nose still? Seriously.. that's worse than not telling someone they have gunk in their teeth!


  1. You'll be ready for ice hockey in no time!

  2. Yeah I was gonna say it sounded more like one of M's games. Poor you!!

  3. Ouch!! My poor daughter!!!