Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good TV, Anybody?

Why is tv full of such crap shows lately? I have a PVR and rarely use it because there's nothing worth recording! I also have bad ADD when watching tv and have no attention span for shows that are just alright. What I loved about the Olympics was that you could turn on the TV at any given time and have something good to watch.

I need your help! What are you favourite shows? Now that I'm flying solo I have a habit of bringing the laptop into bed and watching an episode of something before sleep. I just finished the second season of the Tudors. Completely different than shows I usually watch but me likey.
Tonight I think I shall start Joan of Arcadia, which I borrowed from M's sister. See how it goes!
What are your fave shows that I could get into?


  1. Hmm, just noticed how these shows are extreme opposites.
    Porn vs. Jesus. Gotta love it!

  2. Tv? Got ya covered! Dexter, True Blood, Big Love, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl (pervy, but british, so it's okay), Mad Men, and Friday Night Lights (I know, football isn't my thing normally, but it's amazing).... Top Chef.....and think that's about it!

  3. For new stuff, try Dexter and TrueBlood. Also The Wire, Mad Men, Weeds....and for old shows watch Six Feet Under, Northern Exposure, Deadwood, Rome....Oh man, there are so many out there!

  4. I rarely watch live tv other than Lost and House - its usually tv on dvd. Right now its Big Bang Theory and Madmen.

  5. Okay, got my hands on True Blood so that'll be the next one! Also interested in Mad Men to see what all the hype is about! Love Friday Night Lights - when's it coming back on, or is it already?

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. FNL had 13 eps this season on direcTV, not sure when it hits the mainstream networks.

  7. AllleeeesssooonMarch 06, 2010 1:26 PM

    I'm pretty sure you know all the shows I watch ...
    1. Supernatural - My Fav and I have Seasons 1-4 if you ever want to borrow them :)
    2. OTH
    3. CSI: New York
    4. CSI
    5. Grey's
    6. Dexter
    7. True Blood
    8. The United States of Tara
    9. Spartacus - Josh just started watching this

    Hmmm...I'm sure there is more

  8. These are all older:
    Little Britain,
    The Office (British Version),
    Arrested Development