Saturday, March 20, 2010

From Patio to Parka

Patio weather :)

The weather the last few days has been bea-u-ti-ful! Yesterday M and I went to Quartino for dinner and drinks on the patio.
Mmm, sangria! I got M to take this picture to show off my nail polish colour. He thinks I belong in the morgue.
The food at this place is soo good! And cheap cheap. It's sort of an Italian tapas place. We ordered the salumeria tasting with two cheeses, two meats, and three salads. It's a nice place to go with a group of people, that way you can taste a whole bunch of different dishes.
Fast forward 12 hours and now it's...

Parka weather :(


  1. I got my snow tires off today - there had better not be snow!

    Its been gorgeous here too!

    And I like your nail polish color :)

  2. Sangria....YUM!!!

    We had 70 degree weather here in Seattle today! It was so wonderful! We've had a really warm winter with very little rain so far, but the rain is supposed to start tomorrow. Of course, just as spring arrives. :-P

    I love your nail color. I've been looking for a color like that, but not sure I can pull it off with my skin tone.

  3. Not so sure about your nail colour..... hmmm I'd have to really see it in person.... but I'm thinking that I wouldn't like it on me.... I wish the cold weather would just go away.... it's cold and rainy out tonight..... ughhh....