Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Scariest Art Lesson Ever

School has been ridiculously busy lately. It seems like everyday there is a special event, assembly, presentation, etc. So much curriculum to get through and so little time. Wait, that's just what the good teachers say. I say screw it, let's have some fun.

Today in art class I taught the kids about Jackson Pollock, who is an artist famous for techniques such as paint pouring and dripping, like this:
I set up a load of newspapers and let the kids go crazy. To be honest, this was just plain scary. Fun, but scary. Paint was everywhere. I stayed far far away. I also made the kids wash the floor afterwards. I hope the parents aren't too mad at me for all the laundry they'll have to do tonight!
The artwork turned out surprisingly nice!

Here's another thing we like to do at my school- eat pancakes in the middle of the grocery store aisle! We're classy like that.
Do you like my photoshop skills?


  1. Bahahaha.... pancakes at the grocery store is awesome.

    Great art lesson... poke a hole through garbage bags and wrap them up next time before you let them loose. They turned out awesome.

  2. So which did you photoshop in - the kids or the grocery store? ;)

  3. Every student should be fortunate to have a Teacher just like you Jill// You make learning a lot of fun//

  4. Marina, lol, I meant photoshopping by blurring out the kids' faces.

    And thanks Anonymous, whoever you are!

  5. You are awesome!! What a great art lesson. After meeting your students I can just imagine which ones were more excited than others. It must have rated right up there with the chicks. Hmmmm...... any good looking firemen serving up pancakes???