Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stinky Chicks

A lot of people have been asking me about the chicks I had in my classroom, so here's an update!

February 4th was the estimated hatch day, but by the time I had to leave school that day, only one chick had hatched. Read about it here. After a long, restless sleep (seriously, I couldn't stop thinking about the birth of my babies all night long) I got to school the next morning and saw this...
An incubator full of yellow! I was jumping for joy. 11 out of 12 chicks hatched.
Here they are in their new home, cuddling to stay warm.
And then my classroom was like this...
and like this for a week straight. All chicks, all day long. Peep peep peep.
PEEP during quiet reading. PEEEP during math tests. PEEEPPPP PEEEPPP PEEEEEEEEP.

And then came the poop. And the stench. I loved the experience but man, chickens poop A LOT.
Good thing I've got 20 child labourer poop picker uppers to help!

Over one week the chicks grew a ton! And got less and less cute. And more "chickeny". I had to take them home over one weekend, that was real fun. But now, the chicks have been returned to the farm and my students still talk about them everyday.

And sorry to keep you in suspense.. did the 12th egg ever hatch? We will never know because some bad ass STOLE it! Oy.


  1. Seriously? Someone stole an egg with a live chick in it??? Bizarre!!

    So whats the next great school project J?

  2. I can attest to all the chicken poop.... they were really cute at the beginning of the weekend but by the time we went home the novelty wore off and the poop started to build up.... lol I think it was a great thing to do for your class. It's something your students will always remember...