Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Apple of My Eye

I just adore my nephew. He's the cutest, smartest, sweetest, and all around bestest little spider boy you could ever meet. I was so happy to spend a week with him (and of course everyone else) at the cottage last week.

He really likes guimauves. He could eat between 7-1o in one sitting, more if no one stopped him, I'm sure. Not roasted though, straight out of the bag.

He's my number one biking buddy. While at the cottage he learned to ride his bike with no trainers! And only once did he just about ride into the ditch!

Can you believe I took the picture below while riding? That takes talent.

One afternoon we were sitting in the anti-gravity chair (best invention ever) telling secrets to each other. I couldn't think of anything spectacular so I came up with, "Your dad is eating mushrooms right this minute." Lame, I know. In his little scratchy whisper voice he said, "Ohhh! I promise I won't tell anyone!" My heart melted.

At dinner one night he kept saying how the pork tenderloin was the best meat he ever tried. That was until the next night when he ate the shish-kabobs.

One day at the beach he thought it would be funny to put a shovel full of sand down my back, then another one down my shorts. I forgave him. How could you not with a face like that?

I heart him big time.


  1. You make a great pair, the two of you!! You looked so cute biking with him. He is the cutest little guy!!!

  2. See, thats why I keep the daycare running - little people are so much fun. You guys are lucky to have each other!!!

  3. I love you Aunt Jill!! Thanks for being my best buddy at the cottage. I will come to visit you in TO soon.