Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Hidden Gem

Have you ever thought about what you might do if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness? Seek treatment? Go on a big trip? Stay in bed? Quit work?

A few nights ago M and I watched this movie, One Week. It's a Canadian indie film about a guy who finds out he's dying and decides to go on a cross-country motorcycle ride. I found it really interesting to see all things Canadian and the soundtrack was awesome! I'm going to have to go make myself a copy of it for sure.
It's one of the best dramas I've seen in a long while and possibly up there as a favourite in general. Go rent it! If you're already seen it, what'd ya think?


  1. Hmm - can't see Brad wanting to watch that. BUT since I sat through District 9 - he owes me!!!

  2. C and I rented it on Friday and we both really liked it. We were in the movie watching mood after the kids had gone to bed. The soundtrack was fantastic. The cameo of Gordie was cool too. Thank M for the recommendation on FB. That was where we got the idea.

  3. Just tried to comment, but somehow I lost here goes again...

    Loved this movie!! Not exactly sure why -- maybe it has to do with my slight obsession with those tacky "biggest" tourist sites across Canada. I totally nailed Wawa and Kenora as soon as I saw them... also loved the soundtrack. Canada Rules!! Thanks for the great recommendation M.

  4. Yay, I'm glad you guys liked the movie! You can't get the soundtrack anywhere it seems, you just get directed to iTunes. When I get around to burning a copy I'll send you one!

    The biggest tourist sites were hilarious. I found there was a lot of almost sarcastic humour as well, which I liked, but maybe that's just me. (I just asked M if he found that and he didn't know what I was talking about.)

    Pacey rocks.

  5. I guess I better rent it... I always liked Pacey!!

  6. Pacey, that's his name! I couldn't think of it. Thanks!