Monday, August 24, 2009

Wine Tasting Tour Via Bike

I like wine and I like biking. Put the two together, add some lovely scenery, and it equals pretty much the best weekend activity ever.

A group of 17 of us went biking in the Niagara region on Saturday and hit up four wineries (we didn't have time to make it to the fifth one as planned).

Everything started off all fine and dandy, until about five minutes into riding and M had a flat tire! I swear, this type of thing always happens to us. The bike had just been tuned up the previous day! We made it to a mechanic shop where they blew the tire back up. And it proceeded to flatten in.. ohhhh.. about three seconds. We ended up taking the tire off and one of the guys biked with it to a cyclist shop just up the road. So lucky! It only set us back maybe forty minutes.

It was a hot day! Can you tell?
It was smooth sailing after that incident.. until the rain came, and oh did it ever come. Thank goodness we were safe inside having a tasting and it passed quickly. Okay, more smooth sailing.. until we reached the hills. Oh my. The hills.

Let's just say it was a workout and a half. We stopped for a picnic lunch at the third winery and reenergized. And drank more wine. This time on a full stomach :)

We ended up buying two bottles that we tasted and really enjoyed. I can't wait to pop them open over a nice dinner. Hmm, I guess that means I'll have to cook?

We were definitely exhausted at the end of the day, but it was so much fun! I want to go again!

*Thanks Moira - I stole some of your pics from facebook.


  1. Well that sounds like an awesome day - although I would have to drive there :)

  2. M looks like he worked up a sweat!!! It must have been a fun day..... was it harder to cycle the more wine you drank? Or did it get easier? I hope M's new seat was more comfortable than the last one!!