Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Muffins and a Storm

Peaches + Blueberries = A Taste Sensation

Make these blueberry muffins or any muffin of your choice! Chop up a peach or two and add it. You will love it. You will love me for telling you to make it.

We just had a crazy storm here. It was exciting. Outside turned green. Here I am enjoying my muffin in the rain. My camera didn't quite capture the greenness. Pretend you don't notice my greasy sheen, ok. It was a sweaty hot day!

Aw, and look at that! The lightning was sharing the sky with a rainbow. Neat-o.


  1. How come you didn't bake like this when you were home this summer???? They look really yummy!!! You must have worked up a storm in your classroom today!!!

  2. Cool!!! You should send that rainbow pic to the weathernetwork - they might post it - its a good one!!

  3. very cool pictures

  4. I am a regular reader to your interesting blog ,,,Thanks for doing it ..I also like your muffins,, yummm!!!Nan OHearn .