Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Megalomaniac

We went to see Incubus play at the Molson Amphitheatre last night. It was gooood. Do you know what the meaning of incubus is? Disturbing.

Here's some pics from the concert. They're terrible, but concert pics usually are unless you pay the big bucks. These seats were $10 (plus $15 in fees of course) which I think is quite a steal.

M was as happy as can be because they played "Redefine", which I had never heard before. It was funny to watch him rock out though. Later he said, "My life is now complete."

I'm happy my husband finally got to see Incubus play, he's been wanting to forever. He has now seen his top 3 bands play live - NIN, Incubus, and Coheed and Cambria. In no particular order, because I'm not sure of it. Maybe he'll comment and tell us.

What would your top three be?

I'll go first:
1) U2 (maybe one day)
2) City and Colour (seen a few times)
3) The Tragically Hip -old school styles only (seen a couple of times)

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  1. Actually Incubus would be on my short list - really wish I could have been there. And yes I know what Incubus means - I used to read alot of Stephen King :)

    Also on my list would be Pearl Jam - again. Absolutely the best show I ever saw.

    And Dave Matthews IF he ever comes to Ottawa!!

    My problem is finding someone to actually go to these shows with me. I need M here!