Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seafood Mania

I think I have died and gone to seafood heaven. Last night was scallops and tonight lobster.

We drove down to a market along the water and chose 2 small lobsters and 2 huge lobsters, which turned out to be a ridiculous amount of food!

Before cooking lobster, you must always have a lobster race! The one in the bag above was feisty. I picked her out.

A clear winner! The poor lobsters.. they have no idea..
Cooking and cleaning the lobsters was quite the ordeal! We had a hammer, hatchet, garlic press, and finally a nutcracker borrowed from a neighbour (which we later broke). Look at all that lobster salad for lunch tomorrow!

Are you so jealous, or what!


  1. Oh did they cry when they hit the boiling water????

  2. No we used your husband's famous hypnotization method.

  3. And your husband actually remembered it! Amazing :)

  4. Any chance you can bring your mama a nice lobster? It looks so delicious!!! I'll supply the butter!!!!