Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Traveling Bug is Biting

I could totally live the rest of my life out of a backpack.

I've been thinking about this since Friday night when M and I were walking around downtown and noticed this bag, just sitting there, with a cell phone plugged into an outlet. It was truly the most random place for an outlet to exist!

Whenever I see backpackers I get a little envious. There's something so empowering about carrying all of your belongings on your back. I love the backpacker lifestyle. The freedom. The adventures. Spending all day doing whatever you feel like. Going wherever your feet will take you. Ahhhh....

M and I have been on two backpacking trips.. one time for seven weeks, and the next for only three weeks. That's really nothing in the travel world. We would meet people who had been gone for a year or longer. I want to be them.

I've got some uncontrollable ants in my pants. I need OUT OF HERE!!!!!!


  1. You live in the most exciting city in Canada - when you get that itch, ust get out and explore like you did the day you went to the beaches. Take a backpack :)

  2. I envy you for your bravery. I wish that I would have had some of that back when I was a young adult. Go for your dreams...... live life to the fullest!!! Before you know it you will have a family and won't be able to travel as easily as you can now.....

  3. Marina, I guess when you live in this city it doesn't seem as exciting anymore! But it's true, there's plenty of places to go, as long as the weather cooperates!