Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the Love of God...


For the past week or two my neighbourhood has been Iranian headquarters. Protesting and sit ins I don't mind a bit.

But people driving in circles for many, many hours honking their horns becomes quite annoying! The other night the same cars kept driving around and around. They'd stop, switch drivers and drive around some more. And honk. It's amazing what you can watch (and hear) from your balcony! Here are two of the culprits with flags on their back windows.

If there's one thing that can bother me about Toronto, it's the noise. Not a night goes by without the lovely music of car alarms and firetruck sirens. It's amazing how quiet it is when you go for a walk and turn down just one side street. It all disappears. Peace.

After four years I'm used to it and actually find myself opening the door at night because it's too quiet. But when I go to my parents' house I have to wear earplugs because the birds are too loud!


  1. Ah white noise! Its the only way I can sleep. Quiet keeps me awake. But in this case I can't believe M isn't out there dropping water ballons on Iranians ;)

  2. The birds show no mercy..... every morning at 5:10 a.m. they start chirping...unless it is going to storm and then it is dead quiet..... Who needs an alarm during spring and summer where I live?

  3. Hey now, I've got nothing against the Iranians, they have a legitimate cause to gather attention for. But yes, the honking is getting to be a bit much.

    The striking CUPE members on the other hand, now those are some people I would like to drop water balloons on. ;)

  4. No garbage pick up and a heat wave. Nice!!!

    You may want to drop some water balloons on your mayor too - there's no way strikes should happen these days. Its total mismanagement!

  5. yes using birds as an alarm clock works at my house too :) so annoying. I'd rather have car alarms...I love that you can see so much action from your own don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home for some entertainment :) but yes protesting car horns would get redundant after a while.

  6. The only person I hate more than striking CUPE members is Miller, can't wait for that stooge to stop ruining our city! At least we have private garbage pick-up in our building but the garbage on the streets is starting to pile up now and they say it could last awhile.