Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movie Mania

M and I have been movie maniacs lately! It's been fun!

First, after you see I Love You Man, go see The Hangover, it is HILARIOUS! It's not just (all) stupid funny either, it's actually funny funny. Stay to watch the credits. I give this movie an A.

The last movie we received from Rogers Direct was Milk. We started this fairly late at night and I didn't fall asleep, which is saying a lot! Good movie and I can't believe this story took place only 30 years ago. Sickening. A-

One time when M was jabbering away at me I heard him say he wanted to see The Orphanage, which is a Spanish horror flick. I placed a hold on it at the library and picked it up last night to watch. It was spooky. I liked it. B+

I'm not a huge fan of Disney or animated movies, but Up was quite good. I read a lot of reviews talking about how it was the best movie ever, and I can't agree with that, but it was a cool movie to see, especially in 3D. B+ or almost A-

Can you tell we enjoy movies?

Borrowing movies from the library is pure genius, me thinks. I often do this for girly movies or old classics that I know M won't want to watch. If you have never done this and live close to a library, like me, you should try it!


  1. We sometimes get movies from our local library... but believe me there isn't much to choose from on a good day.....

  2. I resent the term "jabbering" but respect the fact that you actually heard something I said! =)

  3. Mom, yes the selection in the libraries seem terrible! That's why you need to go online, seach for the movie and put a hold on it! All of the good ones are usually taken.

    And M, I thought you'd enjoy the use of that word!

  4. I get movies for the kids from the library but I didn't realize you could order them online. Ain't the internet grand? ;)

  5. I want to convince Laura to see all of these. I actually have two of them sitting on my computer waiting for us to watch them =/