Saturday, June 6, 2009

AYBX 755

Yesterday after work I had an encounter with a crazy.

I pulled into the No Frills parking lot, thinking TGIF, I'll just get some groceries, la di dah di dah. As I was sitting in my car, searching for a quarter for the cart, I heard BAM, looked up and saw the car door beside me had slammed into my side mirror.

I rolled down my window, and politely said, "Excuse me, can you be careful next time, you just hit my mirror with your door." The guy starts saying there's no !@%$*?# way he just hit my mirror, and I'm crazy, and he's had a horrible day, and to mind my own business, and blah blah blah. He told me his door wouldn't even reach my mirror if he opened it fully, and while he was showing me this, he hit my mirror AGAIN!!

So, after swearing at me a lot more, he pulled away, then stopped and rolled down his window, and SPAT ALL OVER MY CAR!

Oh my my.

Whoever you are - white, male, approximately 5'9, bald, chubby, and not very cute, black SUV, with Ontario licence plate AYBX 755... please, go get a refill for your meds!


  1. That bugs me!! If you were a man he wouldnt have apologized for fear of getting the shit beaten out of him. I can't count the number of times I have had things like that happen and they think that cause I'm a woman that I won't do anything. Well I might not do anything physical but I will yell at them! And wave my cell phone around with my finger firmly planted on 911 if necessary :)

  2. Wouldn't it be funny if your brother ran the guy's licence plate and you would then know who the guy was and you could go spit on his car!! Oh yeah.... but legally your brother can't do that for you.... hmmmmm The guy probably just wasn't used to a cute young lady talking to him... you probably flustered him.... JERK!!!

  3. hahahahaaha oh my gosh!
    What a flippin LOON! See I would have gone cRaZy!!! Especially after the spitting part. This is why you see people on the ten o'clock news being arrested after they just beat the shit out of someone with a crow bar due to road rage. (in your case...parking lot rage)
    You poor thing!!! '
    Thankfully you remained calm and you are ok.
    I miss yoU!!!!!!!!!!!
    Michelle T