Friday, June 19, 2009

I am so smrt... SMRT

I have a new addiction! The SMART board. Have you heard of it? My school recently bought one and it was installed in my classroom! Yay! Next year that room is going to be empty so each class can book it to use the SMART board. But, it is all mine for the next week and I'm loving it.

It is awesome to the A W E S O M E and every classroom should have one! Throw out the chalk and whiteboard markers! You can use it to do all sorts of crazy interactive math stuff like toss a penny, spin a spinner, and roll dice.

You can write on the board with your finger or with the special plasticy pens. It's a giant touchscreen. It's amazing. I think I like writing on it more than the kids!

I also found out today that I'm being recalled to my school, so I don't have to change schools next year! Which means more SMART board for me!


  1. Yeah Jill!! I'm glad you are being recalled to your school. I know that C and C love the smart board at our school. Have fun next week with your smart board!!!

  2. Hey that looks like fun. Wish I had a board of education to buy me one :)

  3. We had a smartboard between the Mountain View and Toronto offices, but we just never found a reason to use them. They weren't accurate enough, and the software sort of sucked, so people just started using real whiteboards + webcams.

  4. Joe, I'm guessing during a conference call you're not practicing your cursive writing or grade 4 math! For educational purposes it's been perfect!

  5. Yeah, that looks like a fantastic teaching tool. I, too, would probably be more excited to use it than the kids =)