Monday, June 29, 2009

More Balcony Sightings

Last night while M and I were watching a movie, The Wrestler, we heard firetrucks passing by with their loud sirens. The sirens just sort of stopped and M kiddingly said, "What, did they stop right outside?" Anyway, we put the movie back on and about 20 minutes later, after hearing weird high pitched sounds, M looked out the balcony and saw that the firetrucks had indeed stopped across from our building.

We promptly got our binoculars, terrible I know, and watched the ordeal play out. The white van in the picture had hit someone and eventually the person was taken away in an ambulance.

We definitely weren't the only ones watching. Lots of people were standing around on the sidewalks, other people on their balconies, and tons of rubberneckers driving on the other side of the street. Why are people so interested in watching others' tragedies?

I hope the person who was hit is okay. He or she wasn't the only one hurt in the whole process.

Noooooooooooooooo, BASIL!!!!!!!!! In the excitement, Basil was knocked over, but don't worry I repotted him and we're hoping for the best.


  1. Oh my gosh.... I hope the person wasn't crossing the street for some Street Meat!! It seems as though there is never a dull moment around your home!!! Poor Basil!! I hope the whole thing wasn't too traumatic for him!!

  2. I was searching all the news sites and couldn't find anyone reporting on this.....strange.

  3. That street is so busy - you're crazy not to use the crosswalk!