Saturday, June 27, 2009

Schooooool's Out...

... for summer!

You must have known this post was coming! School is officially done until September 2nd. I am so happy! This past week has been busy with packing up my classroom, moving everything downstairs to my new room, shaking hands with 30 sweaty graduates, and attending staff parties, lunches, and dinners!

Here are a few of the beautiful gifts I was given! I especially like the glow-in-the-dark lizard.

This company has it all wrong. Sending teachers back to school catalogues already?? How dare they.

My plans for summer are to... exercise, wander the city, spend a lot of time outside, and finish my wedding scrapbook!


  1. You're so lucky to be off for 2 months! Have fun!

  2. Sounds like you will be busy!!