Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Worth it in the End

Tonight was the annual community BBQ at the school I've taught at for the past three years. I received one of the nicest compliments in my teaching career thus far from one of the parents.

This particular family moved to the community mid-way through the year and their oldest child was placed in my grade three class. Brilliant student and beautiful person. The parents were nice, just not overly friendly and I really didn't talk to them much.

I was surprised when the mother came up to me tonight and asked if there was any chance I'm teaching grade two next year, since her son is going into that grade. I told her I'm actually leaving the school and she was so disappointed, saying I was the best teacher her daughter has ever had, etc, etc.

It was so unexpected, so nice and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Now, please don't think I'm writing this because I think I'm some magnificent person. I already know I am. Kidding. But.. I find in the teaching profession you never really know how you've affected the kids, unless they say something. And often they don't. Sure I get hugs all the time and pats on my belly asking when the baby is coming, but those aren't the same as words.

I've started hating my job lately, mostly because I feel worthless and unappreciated at my afternoon school. Hearing this feedback is exactly what I needed to put things back into perspective.

Finally, the moral of this story is this - if you've had a teacher, or anyone really, that's affected your life in a positive way - tell them so! I'm going to! You just never know what impact it'll have on them.


  1. Oh absolutely Jill - there's nothing like positive reinforcement no matter what your job. I'm glad you had a positive experience and I'm sure it will be only the first of many.

    Comments I have gotten from parents over the years are the reason I have been able to do what I do for so long.

    We really can and do make a difference - even if nobody tells us :)

  2. I agree on telling those teachers who had made an impact on you. I recently did this, I emailed my favourite teacher from high school and told her what she meant to me and how she inspired me to be a teacher like herself.

  3. See Jill you are a great teacher! So are the others in your family :) When I hear a client talking about a teacher or principal they really like I always pass that along to them as I agree it is important and they don't hear it enough.

  4. I agree that you are a great teacher!!! You will have your own class someday soon and everything will be different and you won't have the dreaded principal that you have now at your afternoon school. Keep smiling, Jilly!!!