Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kijiji is Super!

So while I was doing my spring cleaning a couple of weekends ago, I decided that instead of bringing EVERYTHING to Goodwill, I would try to sell some of the more valuable stuff. Well.. I am now addicted to Kijiji!

I put up ads for a few things on both Kijiji and Craigslist, but so far most of the responses have been from Kijiji. I've made $65 by selling a TV, DVD player, belly dancing skirt, and a kitchen appliance thingy. Both the TV and DVD player have been sitting unused for three years so it was time to get rid of them! I have a few ads still up for wedding stuff and I look forward to checking my email every day because lots of people reply! It's a serious addiction!

It's not even so much about making money. I just enjoy making people happy! When you give stuff to Goodwill, it's gone and you don't ever find out who ends up with it! This is different. For example, I sold the perfectly good TV for $15 to a young girl who was desperate for a TV. She was so excited! I also sold the kitchen appliance thingy to a university student who thought it was the most amazing invention in the universe! He was jumping for joy practically!

If I knew someone who needed or wanted my old "junk" I'd just give it away. That gives me warm fuzzies too! Don't they say that one person's junk is another person's treasure? So, here is what's left on my list of things to get rid of: Love Actually (dvd) in fullscreen, 300 pink silk rose petals, and 16 containers of wedding bubbles. Random, yes. Any takers? And no, dad, this offer does not extend to you!

Take me, please!


  1. I get daycare kids on Kijiji ;)

    And I'll pass on the bubbles. But thanks :)

  2. Isn't it a great feeling to get rid of stuff and get paid for it at the same time..... oh yes... your dad is sitting here and says that it isn't fair that he can't have some... he may just go on Kijiji with a fake name... ha ha

  3. i'll make sure he doesn't go online tonight! tee! hee! hee!

  4. when you sell things on kijiji, how do you get them to the person. Do you have to ship them?

  5. I usually say pickup at my closest intersection. Then I tell them directions how to go to the Tim Horton's and we meet there! It's easy when you live in a big city, but I'd think very difficult in a small one.