Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sun, Please Come Back Out

Why must you tease us, Mother Nature? When I grow up, I'm moving somewhere with a summer that lasts more than 2 months, I promise.

On dreary days like today, I dream of sitting on the patio at the Bier Markt or Beer Bistro and drinking an ice cold Früli. Ahhhh. After M is finished writing his exam in May, I am dragging him out on the first nice patio day to fulfil my lifelong dreams.

Früli and I enjoy each other's company. A lot.


  1. Sounds interesting..... maybe I should try some!! I don't like beer but if it has a nice strawberry flavour it wouldn't really be like beer, would it??

  2. Aw come on - its always patio season in Canada ;)

  3. Patio season is great here, but even better is a traditional Gueuze at a cafe in the old country!