Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy, Busy

Work is busy right now. I'm exhausted!

This year I'm part of an arts committee that organizes a week long event where classes put on performances for each other. After months of scheduling and organizing, the festival is finally happening this week. I taught the Grade 1-3's a couple of songs to perform so we've been rehearsing them over the last month. We performed today, and we're also going back tomorrow because another school dropped out and we had to fill in the spaces. The committee members also MC the performances and today was my day to do that. So between MCing and conducting the choir, I was running around like a crazy woman!

My school is also putting on a musical next week, so we've been having entire school rehearsals almost everyday lately. I work with the cast every lunch hour as well, so I haven't had a lunch to myself in quite a while!

Put this together with job postings coming out last week and preparing for interviews, and I'm ready for June 26th to be here now!

It is so worth it. It's very rewarding to see the work you've done over many months come together in the end to make a beautiful thing. The kids are amazing, really. When I hear all the kids in the entire school singing the songs I've (and many other teachers) worked hard to teach them.. it's really, really worth it!


  1. I love the school performances! And the teachers that give of their time to work with these kids are priceless - so good for you!! The school in my neighborhood is putting on Seusical the Musical next week and a couple of my daycare kids are in it. I'll have front row seats (pays to know people) ;)

  2. Your day must go by so fast....... and that's a good thing!! I wish I could come and see your kids performing... maybe another time