Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning Makes Me Happy

I spent a lot of time this weekend CLEANING! Who would have thunk it, me, cleaning? I guess when the mood strikes, embrace it!

And oooh, it felt good! I love getting rid of old junk and organizing things. I am definitely not my father's daughter in that way. My dear dad loves keeping everything.

I spent a lot of time cleaning our den because that's where most of the leftover crap with no real home ends up. I went through our file folders, cleaned them out, and filed or shred everything that has been stacking up for the last few months.

I took all of our cd's out of their plastic cases and alphabetized them. Right now they're sitting in shoe boxes until I can find a good booklet to put them into. The stands were just taking up too much room. I also cleaned up our big bookshelf and alphabetized our movies, which let me to realize that my husband has a severe movie obsession!

Mid-way through the process. This took me a good 2.5 hours to finish!

I went through all of our closets, cupboards, and shelves and got rid of pretty much everything we don't use. How's that for some catharsis? I feel free!

Now I just need to load up the car and head to Goodwill!


  1. Can I hire you to help your dad clean up the garage and shed????? You know what it looks like and we - HE - needs all the help he can get..... Keep purging every few months to keep up with it..... it has got to feel good!!!!

  2. If you haven't gone to Goodwill yet... just send the stuff to me.....