Thursday, April 9, 2009


My dear husband is a crazy dreamer. Especially when he has an exam coming up, which he does in a few weeks. Whenever I'm woken up by a huge bounce in the bed, I know something is up...

Often he wakes up trying to escape the "bug" that is near his face, but sometimes he has no idea what is going on.

For example, last night I woke up to a huge crash. I looked around (to make sure I wasn't about to be attacked, but that's a whole other story) and couldn't see M anywhere. I thought he fell off the bed. Then I heard some moaning and there he was, hanging off the end of the bed. I have no idea how he gets into these crazy positions because he seems to happen in one big leap. He stayed there hanging off the end of the bed for a good ten minutes, I guess because he was in pain after hitting the bed frame?

I just asked him if he remembered what happened.. and he said, "Oh, that must be why my leg hurts."

Ha ha ha. It kills me every time.


  1. huh? I posted a comment - where did it go?

  2. Your bed frame does hurt when you hit the edge... my leg is still bruised almost 2 weeks later!

  3. This post is funny now, but won't be funny if I ever attack again. I need to find ways to de-stress myself. Stupid exams.

  4. Don't know really what i am doing here...but nice to meet you yesterday...hopre the trip home was uneventful...Dave S.