Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Rip Off

Before going to Thailand last summer M. and I had to get a few vaccines and some malaria pills.

I went to a travel clinic near where I work and it ended up costing me $160 in total - a $50 consultation fee plus $110 for medication. M went to a walk-in clinic downtown where there was no consultation fee but they upped the prices a little. I think in the end all of the medication was covered by our plans, except for my consultation fee. Okay, fine.

Today I had to go back to the travel clinic to get my second dose of the Hep A vaccine, which ended up costing me $45 for the shot, plus a $20 consultation fee. I don't know what I was consulted on, considering I was in the office for about 2 minutes and knew exactly what I was there for.

When I was making my appointment on the phone, the receptionist reminded me to bring cash, so I ended up giving $80 for my $65 bill. She told me she had no change, which I thought was odd for a place that asks for cash. Then she asked me if I was in a rush to head home, because it might take her 15 minutes to find change - so I said yes, I am in a huge rush. Then she asked me to pay with debit. As I looked at the debit card sitting in my wallet, I said, oops, I must have forgotten it at home. Then she suggested I go downstairs to a store to get change. I think I must have given her a dirty look because she went into her own wallet to get me change.

Don't ask me to bring cash if
1) You don't have change, and
2) You have a debit machine.

Ha, now you know my true colours! And ow, my arm is tender!


  1. She should have told you that they took debit and not just cash.... it would have saved a lot of headaches.... maybe when people don't have the right change and just give her whatever they have ... she keeps it.... a little extra income.... lol
    I'm glad your arm is feeling better today!!!

  2. Good customer service just doesn't exist today - unless of course someone wants to sell you an extended warranty - then they're all over you like hair on a camel ;)