Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

Here is my Sunday in pictures! For some reason it involves a lot of food?!

The sun was shining and I was a lazy bum yesterday, so I decided I needed to get out of the condo! I googled a walking tour of the Yorkville area and went on my way!

Yorkville is cute but yuppie-ish! Many of the back streets are nice and quiet with pathways through cafes and EXPENSIVE shops! Now I know where all of the lap dogs in the city live - I've never seen so many in one area before. I kept hoping I'd see a celebrity, but no such luck!

There are so many places in Toronto I've never been to. The little park area shown below is right off Bloor Street, called Philosopher's Walk. I'm sure I've passed by it many times, but never noticed. That's one thing I like about Toronto - you can be in the heart of downtown, turn onto a street, then be in total peace and quiet.

The walking tour took me through some of the U of T campus, which is so pretty, then through Queen's Park, shown below. I think I walked for about 3 hours in total, it was lovely!

You know it's spring when all of the hot dog vendors are out in full force!

When I got home I was parched, so I picked up some bubble tea for me and the husband. I got my usual, honeydew with grape jellies, and M got kiwi with apple jellies.

I made some healthy banana bread, which I'll use for quick breakfasts and snacks. M even ate a slice and didn't gag!

I am trying to do some spring cleaning of my cupboards to use up things that have been sitting around for a long time. We made crab rolls for dinner! Yes, "we", can you believe it?

Next, I experimented with making shrimp dumplings. Yes, I bloody well made these! I am shocked that they actually turned out well! I steamed a few to take in my lunch tomorrow, and had to taste one, of course, but froze the rest for easy dinners.

Here is part of the process so you believe me! I did NOT make the wrappers though, that is too hardcore.

And there you have it, that's what I was up to today!


  1. Yeah.. Hot dog vendors.... Do you think they will be out on Sunday or Monday? Also... let's go for a walk if the weather is nice this weekend when we take you back..... It looks so lovely!!!

  2. Yes, street meat!!!

  3. We need to get street meat for dinner sometime soon. That vendor has been out in front of the civic centre from time to time.

  4. I'm not sure if we'll find one this weekend - they seem to be out only on weekdays in my area, if the weather is nice. If we go downtown, they will be everywhere!