Friday, October 1, 2010

Meserani Snake Park

On our last day in Arusha, Tanzania we visited the Meserani Snake Park. We hired a driver and set off for the park, which was 25 km from our hotel.

When we got there a guide met us and took us on a tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum. Eeek, there was a lot of talk about their customs and culture and I was cringing the whole time the guide talked about their circumcision parties that happen at age 18. Oy.

Next, they asked us if we wanted to go for a camel ride! A camel ride? Why not? How often to you get offered a camel ride in life?
We paid 1000 shillings which works out to about 70 cents Canadian. It was a very bumpy ride and I held on tight, especially when the camel was leaning way down to sit!
After riding the camels we entered the snake park where we met another guide who told us about each snake, what they like to eat, and how quickly they can kill you! There were tons of snakes including black mambas, spitting cobras, and African pythons.
Our guide climbed into one of the fenced in areas and pulled out a little snake for us to hold. He kept assuring us that it wouldn't bite, but his little tongue darting out was making me nervous!
They also had a bunch of baby crocs, big crocs, tortoises, lizards, and birds that had been previously injured and wouldn't be able to survive in the wild.
Fun and worth the visit! After all that we drove back to the hotel and drank Kilimanjaro beer while wearing Kilimanjaro shirts.


  1. I think I would have skipped the snake part of your trip. I do not like snakes at all!! A camel ride, on the other hand, would have been great. You two are so lucky!!

  2. I dont think there would be enough Killimanjaro beer to get me to a snake park or on a camel :)
    You guys are so brave!

  3. Ahhhhh, so scary! But what a cool experience!

    Loving your Tanzania recap so far. A friend of mine lived there for a year doing research on Malaria. She experienced a lot of the same places you did. Not sure if she went to the Snake Park, though!