Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank You Mr. Stikman

Have you ever been out walking around and come across this figure on the pavement?
I think the first time I noticed one of these little guys was in Chicago. M and I were walking around minding our own business when I noticed this little man staring up at me. He's a bit creepy, but oh so cute! Then I came across another one in a different part of the city, then another one, and another. Then to my surprise I saw one when we were in Philly. They've been spotted by others in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, etc etc. Who are these creatures and where did they come from?
M sent me this article in The Washington Post written by someone, just like me, who was wondering where all the robot guys came from. Apparently, the anonymous creator goes by "stikman" and he simply wants people who haven spotted one to pause and wonder. Well, it worked!

Every time I catch a glimpse of a little man on the pavement I smile and laugh to myself. Have you ever spotted stikman's work?


  1. Interesting!! I am definitely going to look for stikman when I am next in Chicago. Usually I have my head in the clouds when I am walking so I will have to make a point to look down. Maybe I won't trip over my feet so often if I look down more.

  2. Yeah we have stickmen here in Ottawa, but they wear suits and sit in parliament. Probably not the same guys ;)