Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm on a Segway!

We jumped on the chance to go on a segway tour after seeing a groupon advertising one for half price. I love groupon so much. If you live in a major city and don't use groupon, get on that!

There's been a lot of talk about segways lately since this incident occurred, but luckily we had no problems! And it was fun, really fun! And my mom didn't fall in the lake!
After practicing for 10 minutes and learning how to control the segway, we were off! We sped down around Foster Avenue Beach, Lincoln Park, Montrose Harbour, the lakefront, and the butterfly conservatory. The tour lasted a little more than an hour and there are different routes you can take, including one around Millenium Park. The route we took was nice because there wasn't a lot of foot traffic, meaning less obstacles to dodge.
Segways can go super fast and M was having a hayday, making me nervous! They are really quite easy to control after you get the hang of finding your balance and tipping either forward or backward to go in the direction you want.
It was a beautiful day and a great way to see a bit of Chicago!


  1. I'm so jealous of your mom....she gets to do all the cool stuff...

  2. The segway tour was great..... I really didn't fall in the lake but for a moment I thought that I might when I got off the segway too quickly and it wanted to take off. I would go on another segway tour anytime!!

  3. I first saw the segways at the Distillery District in East Toronto. Jill must have noticed that I really wanted to try it sometime. It was a blast in Chicago. Thanks, Jill and Mike!!