Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philly in Photos

Here's one last recap of our visit to Philly, in photos.

The Liberty Bell

Naked bike riders

Us, up on the Rocky steps

Half of the LOVE sign (this is what happens when you hand your camera over)

Wine, beer, and cheese at Tria. Quite possibly one of my favourite restaurants.

Rocky, Rocky!

Again. Rocky, Rocky!

The Franklin Institute. A nice way to spend the morning, but way too many things in disrepair.

Gardens and a fountain!

Overall, I liked Philadelphia and thought it was a nice city! Other than the tons of homeless people surrounding city hall after dark, I felt it was safe, easily walkable, and clean. Getting to and from the airport using public transportation was easy peasy. A fun place to spend a long weekend, for sure!

Next up: Nashville in December!

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  1. You two sure are living the life..... Nashville in December should be great. I think Philly would be a great place to visit.... thanks for all the pics....