Friday, October 29, 2010

My Dad's a Machine

My dad is one of those really talented dudes who can fix or build everything and anything (although he lacks skills in the "completion" phase of things - sorry, it's true!). A jack of all trades, one may say. When M and I found out we were moving only a half a block down the street, he came up with the idea to build a wagon. So he did.
My mom, a proud onlooker.

I kept wondering why he wanted me to measure the width of the sidewalk. Now I know. This thing was a beast!
I must admit, without this wagon, moving would have been very difficult! Thanks Dad!


  1. It sure was a beast but it worked!! All the way to your place I kept thinking that your dad was C R A Z Y..... but I should have known better... he always comes up with easier solutions... that's one of the reasons I love him!!

  2. OMG!! Hilarious! I just love your parents! You are one lucky gal!
    Michelle T

  3. Awesome job Willie!!!