Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Did You Eat Today? #2

A few of my trusty blog readers (ha!) told me they liked seeing what I eat, so here is another round of "What Did You Eat Today?" I definitely don't count my calories on a daily basis, but I am trying to pay more attention in general to what I'm putting in my body. I do find it very interesting to count once in a while though, to see if I'm on track.

Here's my breaky: Oatmeal topped with peanut butter, jam, and chia seeds. This concoction was so yummy - just like a pb and jam sandwich! I wanted to make it again for lunch! I also had cranberry juice and half a banana on the side. This breakfast was about 330 calories, 60g carbs, 9g protein, 6g fat.
For a snack I had some carrots, cucumber, and hummus. In total, about 140 calories, 20g carbs, 4g protein, 5g fat.
I was still hungry so a bit later I had more cranberry juice, cheese, and crackers. This was 250 calories, 36g carbs, 10g protein, 7g fat.
My weekend eating is always messed up and I didn't end up having lunch till 2:30pm. I realized I needed to up my protein intake and decided to make egg salad with 1 whole egg and two egg whites. I added 1 tsp of both mayo and mustard to create my egg salad. I also had a handful of grape tomatoes and pickles on the side. 215 calories, 21g carbs, 17g protein, 6g fat.
For dinner I had a turkey burger, a serving of rice crisps, guac, and peas. I threw out the turkey burger box and I have no idea what its nutritional info is, so I just estimated by searching the internet. I think the estimate is high, but oh well. This dinner is huge at 650 calories, 49g carbs, 32g protein, 31g fat.
I ended the evening with a protein shake because I needed to up my protein for the day without adding many carbs. 120 calories, 3g carbs, 23g protein, 2g fat.
Today's eating totalled about 1700 calories. Too many carbs and not enough protein. C'est la vie!

Notes about today's eating:

1) I rarely drink juices (other than pure OJ) and now I remember why. They are chock full of sugar! The 1.25 cups of cranberry juice I had today were 44g of carbs, almost all sugar. I could have eaten two big pieces of bread for the equivalent number of carbs. That juice was leftover from a party we had and thank goodness it's gone now!

2) All morning I was feeling like a bottomless pit. Then around 2:30pm I realized I hadn't had any water to drink, whereas on the weekdays I'd have had at least a litre by this time. Drink water to help fill you up if you're still feeling hungry!


  1. Great blog. I agree with you about the water. Sometimes when I think I am hungry I realize that I am just thirsty and after I drink some water I'm not hungry any more. I think you had a great eating day. I really didn't notice any junk food at all. I think I will try the oatmeal with peanut butter and jam... sounds interesting.

  2. You should definitely try the oatmeal. The pb got all warm and melty. YUM!

  3. That looked like a sinfully healthy menu for the day and still it was too many calories - ugh!!!!

    You're right though, water is the key....

  4. Marina, I am looking to eat around 1600-1700 calories a day, so it wasn't too bad at all! Although so many of my carb calories came from the cranberry juice, so that part wasn't good!