Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Favourite View of Toronto

M has been home visiting for the last 10 days, but unfortunately he's had to study the entire time! We did a couple of fun things, but man, studying puts a real damper on life.

Because we're moving, we sold our season tickets for the TFC. We saved the tickets from only two games, which just so happened to be last week!

Here's M on the subway, reviewing his flash cards. Study, study, study :(
Sitting on the crowded street car.
And finally we're here! I'll miss this view.


  1. Its easier to be a doctor or a lawyer than an actuary! What hard work - but it will pay off :)

    I'm looking forward to the game later this month. Do you guys have jerseys we should wear?

  2. Yes, M has a couple of jerseys, I'll leave them out for you!
    Are you guys planning on coming down on Saturday? The game starts at 1pm.

  3. It will be so nice for both of you when M is all done.... hopefully this was his last exam. Yeah!!! I'm glad I don't have to ride on a street car or subway.... I would feel very claustrophobic. Good thing there are lots of teams in Chicago to follow.... have you picked a favourite yet?

  4. I hope it was his last exam too! In July we will know!

    And yes, I'm sure M has picked his favourites (which become my favourites by default, lol) - Hawks and Cubs.