Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging in the Buff

Today is officially "Bloggers Without Makeup Day" which you can read more about here! For the most part I only wear makeup when I'm going out for a hot night on the town. That's mostly because I'm lazy and don't know how to do makeup. Also, I work with kids all day and I don't think they care, although I have gotten the question, "What's wrong with your face?" a couple of times this year :)

I'd say that I'm makeup less in 90% of the pictures that I post on this blog, so you won't be in too much shock, but here's me, au natural.
I am actually very happy that I feel comfortable leaving the house sans makeup because that would take a lot of effort and time everyday! Who knows if this will change as I grow older, but for now, I am not afraid to bare all! Are you?

Even the stars are doing it!


  1. The only time I go without makeup to work is when I have an eye doctor's appointment. I don't like to wear eye makeup there. When I get to work everyone says... "You must have an eye doctor appointment today"..... so I must really look different when I don't wear makeup. I also feel very self conscience on the days that I don't wear makeup. You are so lucky J that you look beautiful without makeup.

  2. Gorgeous! If you had switched yourself with the one in the middle on the cover, easily I would have believed it!

  3. No make up necessary, that's what I always say! Lucky me :)

  4. Yep - just like Brenda says above - gorgeous.

    Thanks for taking part! :) x

  5. I think the only time I ever saw you with makeup was at your wedding - and it was beautiful. But nah you don't need it :)

  6. You are beautiful naked faced! Actually, you're a hot fox naked faced!