Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holy Busy, Batman

Work for the past couple of weeks has been ridiculously busy. I feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished! For example, this week on Monday I had a workshop, Tuesday a presentation, Wednesday a dress rehearsal for our spring concert, and today I was at a conference with my boys reading club. Combine all of this with double recess each day for track and field practice, and time is disappearing! Not a bad thing, actually!

Today's conference was a really nice break from school. One of my favourite ladies and I took the boys in our reading club to a conference with other boys from all over Toronto.
Doesn't it look like we're having fun on the bouncy old bus?

We heard Barbara Reid talk about how she makes plasticine illustrations for her books (wow, wow, wow). The rapper "D.A" taught us how to freestyle (HA!), we had pizza for lunch, then watched this cool basketball trickster guy do tricks, and a sound effects guy make crazy noises. But the highlight was being *this close* to getting trampled on by screaming 8 year old boys in the mosh pit. Hilarious.

Tonight was also our spring concert and my kids did a fabulous job and thank goodness it's over because I'm sick of practicing the same songs a million times.

Time to curl up with a book and hit the hay! TGI(almost)F


  1. Busy times indeed! But it sure sounds fun and you look like you're enjoying it!

    By the way, next Thursday, try So Happy Its Thursday ;)

  2. It's nice to have a change of pace and to be able to enjoy it with friends. You look like you were having fun!

  3. Ha Marina, I've never heard of (S)o (H)appy (I)t's (T)hursday! I'll have to remember that one!