Monday, May 24, 2010

Piccolo Sogno

Last night we went out for dinner in Chicago at Piccolo Sogno, which is a nice Italian restaurant with an even nicer patio. It was really hot out last night so thank goodness there were tons of trees for shade.
When M went to this place a while ago with some friends, one of the guys proclaimed they had the best balsamic vinegar he'd ever tasted. Oooh, and it was! It was sweet and so flavourful, unlike any other balsamic vinegar I've ever tried. They import it straight from Italy.
For dinner I ordered the pappardelle with spicy meatballs. It was really yummy with these flat, wide noodles that were so fresh.
M had the gnocci, which tasted more like tortellini than a typical gnocci. Yummo!
Chicago is definitely not lacking in great food and restaurants!


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!

  2. Nothing better than a nice meal outdoors!

  3. Hey Jill, I know I don't leave comments often but just wanted to let ya know I still read your blog! :) Looks like a nice restaraunt.

  4. I'm seriously considering going down there one day soon and buying some of that vinegar!

    On another note, more blog please =)

  5. That place looks awesome and yummy too! jealous! :)