Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two Worlds Collide

Today my two worlds collided when my bff came over with her son to have a play date with my nephew. I didn't technically get any pictures of them playing together but I think they both had fun! Aside from all that hair pulling, screaming, and crying ;)
Both of these little guys were pretty interested in the riding lawn mower. He doesn't look it, but my nephew was thrilled to be sitting on it! He kept asking, "Why can't I reach the pedals, Aunt Djilly? Why can't I reach the pedals?"
He even got to go for a (slow) ride with Gramps and steered the whole way.
You know it's a good day when a kid doesn't fight his nap!


  1. It was so nice seeing your bff and her son today... he is so cute!! I'm glad that the two little ones got to play together..even if sharing was an issue for them... lol

  2. OMG that is so funny Jill! I loved this blog! So nice to see Jacob and Lucas playing/tossing each other around. He had lots of stories when he came home for us so we know he had a nice visit!!