Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Emotional Roller Coaster

My long distance relationship with my husband is like an emotional roller coaster some days. I get so used to living alone, then BAM, we're together and I get used to being part of a couple again. Then, BAM, the visit is over so I have to get used to being alone again. Ugh, less that two months left till we both live in the same country!
How could you not love this face? Bahahahaw!

After dropping M off at the airport tonight I was feeling a little down, so I dropped by the movie store and rented "Whip It". I've been wanting to see this movie for a while and it was pretty good, worth a watch! I also got some dumplings for dinner and that just perked me right up!

What do you do to cheer yourself up?


  1. Glad you could find something to cheer you up while I'm gone!

  2. Two months will go by so fast....... then you will have to get used to living as a couple all over again.... lol. When I need cheering up I call my Mom..... she's a great listener and by the end of the conversation we are usually laughing about something.

  3. Aw, I miss that face too!

    Go the gym! Exercise always makes the endorphines flow and improves the mood! If all else fails, there's always chocolate ;)

    Chin up Jill. It will all be worth it :)

  4. I usually go for a run ... unless I'm injured in which case it strips away even more cheer. :P

    Next step is to appease my sweet tooth. Usually with a side of some sort of savoury snack. :D