Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Beach(es)

Today I ventured down to The Beaches or The Beach, whichever you prefer. I took a discovery walk! Oooh! This was my first time that far East in Toronto and it took about an hour to get there on the TTC. I love wandering around a new place on a nice, sunny day.

First I walked around the outside of the Glen Stewart Ravine and I kept seeing wooden staircases and paths through the trees. Finally I found a staircase going down, but didn't really feel safe going down alone, especially since coyotes live there. Then I noticed a couple heading down, so I followed them! I kept my distance because I'm sure they were out for a romantic walk, but at least I felt more safe!

It was so nice down in the ravine - so quiet and peaceful. All I could hear was the babbling brook over my ipod. Next I walked along the boardwalk and people watched. There were tons of people walking, biking, and rollerblading.

After a few hours of walking around I headed home along this cute street. There were lots of pretty, flowering trees, but the houses were just SO close together. You can hardly tell where one house ends and the other begins.

So yeah, that was my adventure in The Beach(es). I enjoyed seeing a different part of the city! Cross another goal off the 36 in 365 list!


  1. You are one brave lady!!! It's nice that you are so adventuresome.... it's great to see different parts of the city!! One of these weekends I'm coming over and going to go on an adventure with you!!!

  2. Pricey real estate in the beaches but very nice indeed :)