Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quality Time With The Mother

The past few days I've been playing tourist because my mom was in Toronto for a conference. It was fun to stay downtown!

On Thursday night we went to see the Famous People Players. This is a dinner theatre with a black light show. The whole dinner and show is put on by people with special needs. It was great and I'd recommend it to anyone!

Here's my lit up dessert napkin!

Mom and I waiting for the show to begin.

We did a bit of shopping and noticed Elvis out on the street. My mom is hysterical, she would not believe this was a real person. Finally she saw him say, "Thank you very much" to someone giving him money and had to believe it. I guess they don't have a lot of statue people out in the boonies.

We also went out for some sushi. If you're a fan of sushi and have never tried sushi pizza, order it next time. Very yummy.

My mom's a real pro with the chopsticks.

The only bad thing about our time together is that I always feels a bit homesick after!! Oh well, good times, mother!


  1. Michelle GrenvilleMay 31, 2009 10:34 AM

    Looks like you had a great time Jilly! Jared took me to see Famous People Players for my birthday one year and we loved it! I'm glad that you had a great time with your mother-daughter outings.

  2. Looks like a fun time. Love those statues!!

  3. The statue freaked me out... I could have sworn he wasn't real until I heard him speak!!! I love spending time with my daughter...... it's so much fun.... we always have lots of laughs!! Thanks for taking me to the Famous People Players, Jilly..... I would go again for sure..... Sushi... it's the best in TO!!! Too bad M couldn't join us for lunch.

  4. My cousin works for The Famous People Players Theater. She's usually the one in the show who is actually the human character - Alexis McDonald. She helps out alot with the other cast members. I'm actually not sure if she's still in the productions. She was when I went to see her 2 years ago. I think she took another position on with the company as education director. She does the tours when classes go there for a field trip or other stuff like that which is why i'm not sure if she's still in the productions.

    When we went it was awesome. We got VIP treatment cuz we were her cousins. That president of the company lady came down to the dinner to introduce herself to us. haha. We were rockstars!