Monday, May 18, 2009


I knew that I'd eventually make a wedding scrapbook, but I didn't think it would take me 10 months to begin! Shortly after getting engaged, our guest bedroom became my wedding room. And it still is, but hopefully not for much longer. I have given away or sold almost all of the leftover wedding stuff that was at my condo (sorry mom, you still have a lot at your house) and all that's left are papers and mementos from the planning process.

Finally, this weekend I got the motivation to begin! First it started here...

Then moved to here....

And now I'm happy to say it's all in here...

I finished taping in all of the pictures, papers, etc into a book. That took me over 8 hours. Blech. I used about 3 rolls of tape! Now the hardest part is left - writing all about it! My goal is to finish before summer!

I have only ever made one scrapbook in my life about our first trip to Europe - and I must say it's awesome taking it out and reliving our adventures! I know this one will be worthwhile in the end as well!


  1. What a great way to spend the holiday - actually getting something productive done! Good for you :)

  2. Wow, that's productive. I still haven't done my wedding scrapbook and it's been three years! But I am proud of my self because I got lots done this weekend too. Painted the piano room, cleaned the whole garage from top to bottom (including installing a bunch of storage stuff), planted a bunch of flowers, cut the grass (which is a big job in itself), painted a chair, did some shopping. I am so proud of how much stuff I did I had to tell someone :) And I'm off tomorrow so I hope to do some more gardening and maybe paint another chair.....

  3. ooooh and I worked on a slide show for my parents anniversary....damn I haven't gotten that much stuff done in one weekend since I moved to this house!

  4. Wow!!! Both my daughter and daughter-in-law were very busy this weekend!!! I wish it would rub off on me!!! It must be such a great feeling when you accomplish so much!!

  5. Wow Stace, good for you!
    On one hand it's nice to get away for the weekend, but it was a nice change to stay home and get some things done!