Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Edwards Gardens

I've been trying to make the most of my last vacation days, exploring a different part of the city everyday. Some places have been better than others, some have smelt like sewage, but this one - Edwards Gardens was a keeper!

There were tons of wildflowers along with a huge garden area, and lots of trails through the wooded areas. This is also the home of the Toronto Botanical Gardens.

They must have a kids' camp because I stumbled upon this vegetable garden and the sign said, "Kids plant it, we donate it, please leave it." It was cute, they had funny scarecrows everywhere and all of the plants were labeled by the kids.

This place was amazing to spend the afternoon in, only one complaint. Too many annoying, screaming kids running around plus people who don't know how to share walkways. Bah! I hate people! There's a fine balance between too many people (ruins the peace) and too few people (don't want to be abducted).

If you live in Toronto and have never been here, it's great, go!


  1. Oooo - that looks nice! So do you happen to have a place in mind that we can go exploring on Saturday???

  2. I'm jealous.... I want to go exploring too... lol
    You probably have lots of places left to explore... save some for when we come!!! The garden must have been really cute!!!

  3. Sweet-I'm jealous. I've never been to canada.