Thursday, September 17, 2009

360 Degrees of Pure Bono

Deep thoughts regarding tonight's U2 concert:

1) If U2 had a greatest hits concert it would pretty much be the best thing in the entire world.
2) Bono is a great singer but needs to work on his dance moves asap.
3) I need to work for a company that gives employees perks.
4) That was the coolest stage setup ever. Lots of movable stuff.
5) ALWAYS make sure your camera batteries are charged.
6) Jackets with red lazers on them are just as neat as they sound.
7) Bono makes girls faint. For real.
8) Glittery guitars are funtastic.

Can you believe M took these pictures with his iPhone? I can't believe our luck. First we score free tickets from big D, then we walk in at 7pm and find ridiculously close spots to the stage - probably 20 feet from the main stage, and maybe 5 feet from the movable bridges. Other people waited in line overnight for similar spots. Oh me, oh my!

If you read my post from back in July you might remember that u2 was number 1 on my dream concerts to go to. Alleluia, my life is complete.


  1. To be fair I'm pretty sure that second picture was taken just before the camera died, but that first one was with the iPhone.

  2. glad you guys enjoyed it :)

  3. Its indeed a good feeling when you get to the THE band you've always wanted, and they're just as good as you hoped they'd be. Great!

    I hear it was a record crowd at Rogers Centre last night - something like 62 thousand!!

    And again tonight!

  4. I am sooooo envious Jill. I have seen them 2x and I could never get enough of Bono. I bet you were too pumped when you got home to sleep???
    The pics were great.
    See you on Sunday!

  5. Wow... it looks like you had a great spot for the show!!! How lucky are you and M to score free tickets!!! Wow, again!!!