Saturday, September 12, 2009

(The End of) Summer Lovin'

Here are a few things I've loved lately. Summer 2009 Edition.

1. Scentportables from Bath & Body Works
Over the past few months my car grew a smell of "boy". Yes, that's right. You know the smell. A mixture of hockey equipment and fraternity brothers. I picked a scentportable up last week in the vanilla coconut scent and it's magnificent. My car smells edible.

2. Salads with blue cheese
What on earth? I used to hate blue cheese, now I'm addicted. I have been making this salad a lot lately: Spinach, blueberries or pear, and a little blue cheese sprinkled on top. Sometimes I'll add veggies but it seems to take away from the taste! For the dressing I mix together balsamic vinegar, a bit of oil, a drop of honey, and some dijon mustard to hold it all together. Really good!

3. Jason Segel
I'm obsessed. He is adorable in every which way. If you haven't already watched "I Love You Man", what are you waiting for?? I'm currently on the third season of "How I Met Your Mother" and lovin it.

Want to see some other things I like? I can never remember things I want/like when gift giving times come around, so I made a wishlist. Maybe now I won't end up asking for socks like I usually do! Not that there's anything wrong with socks. New socks are great.


  1. I dont think we have a Bath and Body works here - hmmmm.... And I cant be in the same room with blue cheese. But Jason Segel - I 2nd that one - he's adorable! Been watching him lately on the old Freeks and Geeks tv show from the 90's.

  2. I'll check out the Bath and Body works shop next time I cross over to Port Huron and get you a supply of scentportables..... I love the idea of a wish list... I think I will join it... I need to keep a wish list so I can remember what I'm wishing for...

  3. Those sound like nice lovely things and I like that guy too after I saw that forgeting sarah Marshal movie. He's great.