Saturday, September 5, 2009


Is this really part of my job description? Really?

It took me half an hour to scrape the stickers off of two desks (while the caretakers watched tv). At this rate, I only have 6 more hours left before I finish. Grrr.

We have to move all of our own boxes to new classrooms, wash the boards, dust the computers and shelves, clean the desks and sinks, rearrange the room, etc., etc., etc. Pretty soon I'm going to have to vacuum my own carpet, since that hasn't been done since the last day of school either.

The *only* thing the caretaker has done over the summer is wax the floors. It's ridiculous. I'm angry.


  1. Union workers ;)

    They're busy prepping for the H1N1 epidemic!

  2. I'm sure glad I belong to a union!!! If it weren't for the unions you would be making minimum wage as a teacher!!! Maybe your school board has really cut back on custodians and they don't have the manpower that they used to have to do all the summer cleanup. Also, some of them may have vacation time that they can only use in the summer time since they aren't allowed to take their vacation during the school year. We are spoiled at our school with our custodians!! (at least in my area of the office).

  3. That looks like a lot of work//// But why do the little children stick them to their desks instead of in a sticker book??????????Granny xxoo

  4. the original sister in lawSeptember 07, 2009 9:23 PM

    Have a great week Jill. I am sure the room looks fab now!

  5. Mmmm, there are good things and bad things about unions. One bad thing being that union workers can get away with a lot more than non-union workers can. There have been no cutbacks at our school. We have the same number of custodians (2), even though the school numbers get smaller each year. They take advantage of being lazy the entire summer, work hard the last week when they have to (and when people are there to see them), and take vacations only during the school year (when of course there's more work to do). Believe me, I am great "friends" with our custodians but they take zero pride in the work they do.

    Granny, the stickers should never have been there in the first place. This particular classroom was in shambles at the end of the year due to teacher illness, then a mat leave, and way too many supply teachers.. creating a classroom that was out of control and not taken care of.

  6. I bet the classroom will really look nice now that you are in control. Have a great day tomorrow!!! I'll be thinking about you!!