Friday, July 31, 2009

Veggies in a Wine Glass

I love edamame (ed-ah-mah-mai), which is just another name for soybeans. I buy them in bulk at Costco in these easy to steam bowls. It's perfect for snacking on. The other day my husband said I should eat some because they're kinda taking over the freezer, as they come in a pack of 12 containers. So, it became my mission to make a salad using edamame.

I made this for my parents for dinner and I luurrrved it so much I made it again the next day.

The vegetables I used were edamame, snap peas, carrots, corn, and tomatoes. I mixed up a dressing using plain yogurt, honey, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, and salt. Just a bit of each. Then I added a bit of basil - look at her, she's growing up so quickly.

Mix it all up and you have a lovely, colourful salad.


  1. looks good...and pretty...

  2. You should have made some to send home with your parents!! It was really good.....

  3. Give my regards to basil ;)