Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Donut Holes My Arse

I've been wanting to try this recipe for donut holes for a long time because who doesn't enjoy a good donut hole once in a while?

Here's the lineup. All "raw" foods.

First you grind up the almonds.

Then you try and grind up the pineapple and dates, but learn they are too sticky for the food processor, so proceed to chop them up by hand.

Then you realize you forgot to soak the almonds overnight, so the mixture is too dry to stick together. Then you search your fridge and find applesauce, which does the trick.

Now you roll them into balls and pray they don't fall apart.

Next you take a picture of yourself with a strange look on your face.

Last, you share them with a friend and whoever else will try them!

The verdict from five taste testers:

Me - I'm not crazy about them and won't make them again.
M.S.G. - She's neutral. This could be good considering she doesn't like any of the ingredients.
The mother - She likes them, she really likes them!
The father - He likes them, he really likes them! And he had seconds!
The husband - He says it tastes nothing like a donut but it's alright! (OMG I can't believe he tried it.)


  1. I really liked them... I forgot to have one before I left your home. Your dad was in such a hurry... he wanted to prove that he really could get going when he said he would!!

  2. I know mom, I couldn't quite believe it!

    There's two still sitting there. I'm going to have to make M eat them tonight before we leave!