Sunday, July 5, 2009

Being One With Nature

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us!

M and I wanted to get away for the weekend and decided to go CAMPING! We didn't realize how booked campsites get on summer weekends and had to look through many parks before finding an open site at Presqu'ile, near the booming town of Brighton! Next time we must remember to book more than one day in advance!

It took us an hour to load the car with our supplies and finally we were ready! First stop - Service centre to make sure our bike rack was okay.

Second stop - The Big Apple. Maple apple pie. Oh yeah. No pictures.

Third stop - The park. We set up our tent and then it was lunch time!

Throughout the afternoon we did a lot of biking.

Then some resting.

And back to camp to make a fire and roast marshmallows!

We slept on the extremely cold, hard ground because our converter was to weak to blow up our air mattress. Oh no! In the morning my husband made us breakfast.

We went through the marsh on a boardwalk.

Then walked through forest trails.

Then walked some more until M almost stepped on this!

We had lunch, cleaned up our site, and that's our camping trip in a nutshell! We had a good time!


  1. Sounds like alot of fun!!! Here in NB it is to cold and rainy to camp. Me and John and the baby are planning a camping trip in a couple weeks, I hope the weather will be nice. I love camping!! It looks like you both do too!!

  2. Well its not Thailand - but an adventure nevertheless :)

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I wonder if you will be stiff tomorrow after sleeping on the hard ground? I wouldn't like seeing a snake and certainly not almost stepping on it!!! Eeeekkk!! I can't believe that you and M have been married for one year now... my how time flies!! Happy Anniversary!!!